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What is ReportLoq?

Professional analysis and environmental reporting

At FLSmidth Airloq, we have been developing gas analysis and environmental reporting equipment for the past 25 years. We supply all the equipment required for you to get well on the way with waste gas analysis. Right from probe collecting the measurements in the chimney to the Internet interface giving you real-time online monitoring and the obligatory reporting tools enabling you to send your reports to the environmental authorities.

Our many years of experience in environmental measuring is your guarantee that you will be getting professional advice

We have experts with a variety of backgrounds, thus being able to provide you with a broad consultancy coverage regarding your environmental measurements. Our chemical, electronic and data engineers ensure that you get: 

  • Precise environmental measurements
  • Close integration with your SCADA system
  • Extensive data security and Cloud back-up
  • Local access to the system. Ensuring that you can always see your data. Even if the Internet connection breaks down.
  • ... and, of course, easy and flexible Internet access to the system so that you can get a comprehensive overview, wherever you may be.


Broad measurement support

We measure waste gases, pressures and several other values with our specially designed probes. A typical configuration for waste incineration, for example, includes, among others, CO, CO2, SO2, TOC, HF, Hg, NH3, NOx, NO, NO2, O2, H2O, as well as dust, temperature, pressure and flow.


Safe data storage in the 'Cloud'

We offer the best data security in the field. Your data securely stored in three links: Firstly, in the Controller, right by the data source. Secondly, in the computer supplied with the system, and, thirdly, in the Cloud in the FLSmidth's data centre. Your data is stored here for 10 years and you can access and collect it any time.


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