Environmental reporting - whenever and wherever you want

ReportLoq - A safe choice

FLSmidth's web-based reporting system is not only the simplest to use, it is also the most secure in the industry. The system can be delivered redundant, which safeguards you against crashing in a variety of situations.

ReportLoq is the industry's first web-based analysis system for environmental reporting. This solution offers you easy and quick access to reports and CEMS data. We can deliver the whole package, including the analysis equipment.

The system can be configured according to your specifications – depending on your security requirements.

We always deliver a controller, a PC and a secure communication module.

This configuration allows you to 

  • Log all raw data every 10 seconds, which is a requirement of EN14181
  • Back up raw data in the controller, PC and FLSmidth's data center
  • Use a PC with an overview of CEMS and alerts; even without an internet connection
  • Quality assure calculations, such as IO outputs, for use in SCADA
  • Securely transfer raw data to FLSmidth's data center with 256 bit AES encryption
  • 24/7 web access to CEMS, reports, trends, alarms, events, etc. at
  • Access from anywhere you want, and on any PC/tablet
  • Receive reports by email, so you will always have a fresh report when you arrive in the morning.

We built in a safety mechanism as default, which means you can always see your CEMS data, even if the PC crashes or the communication module is out of action. If this is inadequate, we can provide a completely redundant solution. The controller, PC and communication module can all be delivered redundant, so uptime is guaranteed, even if disaster strikes.

Redundancy – the safe solution

If you choose the redundant solution, you will be protected against more than one error. The equipment is cross-redundant, which means that you can continue to work even if a controller, a PC and a communication module crash. We will log the data even if one controller is down. You are guaranteed quality-assured calculations for use in SCADA, even if one PC crashes. If you have redundant communication modules, your ability to submit reports to the authorities is guaranteed, even if one communication module is out of action. 

In fact, the solution is so robust that you will always have an overview using our web solution, even if both PCs, one communication module AND a controller are offline. We developed this to ensure that your system delivers the industry's best uptime.

The system also supports redundant analysers with automatic compensation for measurement errors, or if there are no measurements in the primary analyser.

If disaster strikes...

...and exceedances have been recorded caused by the error, our experts are ready to help you! If, for example, the error is due to drift on the measuring device, a bad correction of the measurement, a manual operator error or similar, we have the expertise and the ability to correct such errors. We can correct your previously measured values and prevent you from exceeding the values.

Crash! What now?

Don't worry - we monitor your components! Our reporting solution is based on a monitoring system that sends status data to FLSmidth's data center. We not only collect your environmental measurements, we also collect the status information of a lot of the most critical elements of your system. Should anything go wrong, we can quickly diagnose the issue and help you re-establish normal operations.

This system and our expertise are your guarantee of the industry's best uptime!

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