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Integrated QAL2 & QAL3

EN 14181 stipulates the need for QAL2, which is the correction of your analysis equipment. By using FLSmidth's QAL2 & QAL3 calculators, you will meet the requirements set out in this environmental standard. We will help you on your way with a user-friendly system, which saves you both time and money.

If you are subject to EN 14181 standards, you must carry out a QAL2 on your equipment every 3 years if you are subject to statutory order on waste, otherwise every 5 years. This must be carried out by an accredited measurement institute. In technical terms, a QAL2 is a calibration of your measuring equipment, which ensures that the measured values are adjusted to the correct result, even if the meter is powered on and shows an incorrect result. The result of the QAL2 must be entered into your AMS system, which must take account of the correction when calculating the quality-assured values.

ReportLoq contains a QAL2 system for this purpose. It is fully integrated into the system. This means that the result of a QAL2 is entered directly into ReportLoq, after which your environmental calculations are corrected accordingly.

The QAL system also includes QAL3, which is based on the CUSUM model. The idea being that instead of adjusting the meter repeatedly, the measured values are corrected mathematically on the basis of check cards. This method is also integrated into ReportLoq.

QAL 2 + 3
QAL must be entered and calculated on the website, and the result is automatically applied to the next day's calculations.
The obligatory QAL report, which meets the requirements of EN 14181, is of course included.

ReportLoq's interface contains a step-by-step calculation that shows you how the QAL results impact your environmental measurements. Thus it is easy to see how your raw data is converted to the quality-assured values that must be delivered to your environment center.

QAL forklaring
The picture shows how the raw SO2 value of 25.438 is first corrected by QAL 2 to 25.438, then corrected for oxygen in the measurement to 18.7, and finally the confidence interval is subtracted so that the final result is 8.17.

If you purchase environmental reporting the QAL system is included in ReportLoq.. The system can also be purchased and used without the environmental reporting component. With this solution, you will need to enter the results of the QAL calculations into your AMS system. For more details or if you are interested in a quote, please contact us. 

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