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A flexible solution

ReportLoq can be configured to meet your requirements. We provide the solution as an easy and affordable data collection and monitoring solution, or as a server-based reporting solution for environmental reporting.

ReportLoq offers you a web-based reporting system you can access from anywhere around the world. We have used our many years of experience of environmental reporting to create an interface that is simple and straightforward.

This solution puts an end to difficult calculations, old spreadsheets and waiting times. Environmental reporting in the Cloud is the way forward and offers you quality-assured calculations in PDF files, allowing you to get on with other matters.

Case study - Waste Incineration:

Jens is responsible for waste incineration and has previously spent a great deal of time submitting reports to the authorities. Partly because it takes time to ensure that the analysers are measuring correctly, and partly because their old analysis system was located in a server room which Jens had to log into in order to download the necessary reports. Occasionally, Jens had to contact the suppliers of his environmental reporting solution because the PC memory was full with data generated by the measurements carried out by the system.  While this issue was being solved, Jens frequently lost measured values. This caused exceedances in the system, which had to be explained to the authorities.

Jens invested in ReportLoq for a less time-consuming and more secure option.


In order to get started with ReportLoq, Jens needed a controller and a communication module. These elements are a minimum requirement for implementing ReportLoq.

The controller is a self-contained unit that monitors the analysers' raw values and stores for 30 days. The controller ensures that Jens can log his raw signals as close to the source as possible, and ensures he will not lose measurements. This is a requirement of his environmental executive order. To be sure he is not affected by outages, even in the event of a hardware failure, Jens decided to buy two redundant controllers. If one crashes, the other takes over, ensuring Jens can always log his values; even when an unforeseen event happens.

The communication module uploads the measured values to the Cloud. This is the interface between the controller and the cloud. This communication is encrypted, ensuring that data is uploaded without being viewed or changed by others.

The cloud

It is crucial that Jens has easy access to his measurement data. This is assured with ReportLoq's browser solution. He receives:

  • CEMS (Real time display)
  • Reports
  • The ability to view and comment on alerts, incidents and exceedances
  • Trends
  • QAL calculations using the CUSUM method


On the CEMS page, Jens can see the last measured values and get a quick overview of the current combustion status. Jens can also see how the day is progressing, as the page contains preliminary calculations which predict how the calculations will proceed. This protects Jens from exceedances, as he has time to change the combustion before they occur.

Jens can also see how the raw values are calculated to form quality-assured values. Jens likes this feature because it makes it easier for him to see how the numbers he has to report are calculated.


All of the necessary reports can be downloaded as PDF or XLS files in the reporting feature. This allows Jens to download new and old reports immediately after they are ready. He also has the option of adding his email address so that he can receive the reports by email. This is an option in the exceedance reports Jens likes as he only receives a report if there were exceedances the previous day. This allows him to submit instant reports and simultaneously keep his finger on the pulse, without having to remember to check anything other than his inbox; something he does several times a day anyway.


Jens's company employs both QAL2 and QAL3. It used to be a time-consuming process, requiring the entry of many values into different systems. The ReportLoqs QAL system makes this process much easier and lightens the administrative load. QAL A and B values are entered directly into the system, after which the system uses the calculations to recalculate the operation of the equipment. The required reports are also provided.


Jens does not use the Trend feature frequently. However, he has found that it is a smart feature to have when he wants to view data over periods of time. The trend feature gives him the opportunity to compare the measured values against each other so that he can see trends in the measured values over a period of time. It has also proved useful when he needs to investigate why an interval has been exceeded. He has the option of following the value throughout the interval and seeing exactly when a problem occurred.

Local overview

One of Jens's greatest concerns when moving his calculations to FLSmidth's cloud solution was that the operators in the control room would have to actively use the system. They would have to comment on exceedances, acknowledge alerts and follow the measurements throughout the day. The system is vital to complying with the environmental requirements of the regulatory agencies, and a crash, e.g. loss of internet connection, may result in Jens having to ask operators to stop the entire combustion in order to avoid exceedances. The solution Jens chose was to buy a local server, which transferred FLSmidth's environmental calculations to Jens. Jens initially bought one server as it gave him the overview he needed in the control room.

The site calculator was delivered and installed by FLSmidth and proved to have several advantages. In addition to providing an overview if the internet connection was lost, Jens also gained a

  • comprehensive overview, which was ideal for the control room, and an audio alarm that alerts operators to exceedances and alarms.
  • back-written, quality-assured values sent to the SRO system, which allows Jens to actively manage the measured values in order to prevent exceedances. If ReportLoq's preliminary calculations show that an exceedance is imminent, the controller will forward it to the SCADA system, affording it the time to react. Many exceedances can thus be completely avoided!
  • local comment feature, so that operators need not log on to other systems. They can instead add comments on exceedances and alarms directly to the system, which they already monitor.

Overall, it was an easy choice for Jens. He had to use the local server to ensure stable operation of the incineration plant. Jens was still concerned. More technology means more opportunities for error. The solid integration with back-written values with the SCADA system was smart but could prove to be critical if the server crashed. Therefore, Jens received a fully redundant system with two controllers and two servers, which safeguards the values, even if one of the servers or the controller crashes.

Summary of case study

Jens' case relates to a typical waste incineration plant and is a very popular configuration. The solution includes redundancy. This ensures Jens' uptime, and thus includes two controllers, two servers and a communication module. As regards software, FLSmidth provides the engine for the calculations. A solution that we have quality-assured and continuously examine with over 120,000 tests each time we advance the solution. Combined with our long-standing expertise in emission reporting and software development, this guarantees you the optimal solution.

You can read more about the system's quality assurance here: ReportLoq - A safe choice, and about the QAL system here Integrated QAL 2 & 3. You are also welcome to try the online demo of our system by creating an account on the demo site: ReportLoq.

Alternative configurations

The case study above describes a thoroughbred solution for waste incineration. We can of course also help if you need to log values for other emissions. The minimum ReportLoq configuration, with one controller and one communication module, is an affordable version that uploads your values to the cloud and offers you the same freedom as described in the case study above. Contact us for a quote. We can customise a solution that's just right for you!

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