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The most suitable analyser

Choosing the correct analyser is essential for a good result. Let our experts guide you through when choosing the right equipment.

Our specialists have extensive experience of choosing the correct analyser.
We choose independently between the analysers of manufacturers such as ABB, Emerson Process Management, Durag, NEO and Siemens. We have extensive product knowledge and can therefore select the analyser that is best suited to the combination of gases to be measured, process conditions, maintenance and financial considerations.
Our analysers can measure up to 60 different gases, of which the most common are CH4, O2, CO, CO2, HCI, H20, NH3, NO, NO2, SO2 and TOC. 
Extractive or in situ
Our product range includes both extractive and in situ analysers. 
Extractive analysers are often used to analyse wet and corrosive gases when a short response time is crucial. An extractive measurement means that a small amount of exhaust gas is taken out of the process, filtered, cooled etc. and then sent to the analyser for analysis. 
If a short response time is required, an in situ analyser may be used instead. In which case, the measurements are carried out directly in the gas channel. The most widely used measurement techniques are zirconium oxide probes and laser technology.

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